I operate out of Calimesa, CA, and serve the Inland Empire at about a 50 mile radius. I began using and exploring Apple Macintosh Computers™ and the Macintosh Operating Systems (MacOS™) in the beginning of 1990. Prior, I did the usual; studied BASIC and played with the early Apple systems (IIe,GS etc.). In the mid nineties I worked as a training Apple Technician for Apple Authorized Service Providers, and in 1996 started Sheafer Ventures Macintosh™ Consulting. Since then I have kept up to date on the new systems and technologies. I have been a member of theApple Consultants Network. I have also been an Apple Certified Support Professional.

SV Macintosh Consulting has clients, from the individual home user, to schools, small businesses and larger corporations. Following are some of the services I offer:

Consulting Training and Aid for Macintosh™ Systems or systems running the MacOS™

I specialize in using and troubleshooting the MacOS™ (from 6.x.x - Mac OS X, 10.1 - 10.8.x)

Telephone Support


Memory, Storage, Processors, cards, printers, scanners, digital A/V etc.


Software, hardware, full systems, small to medium networks

Software troubleshooting

Conflicts, communication errors, boot problems etc.

Sales of third party hardware and software

Internet Connectivity, Internet, Intranets hard wired or wireless

Networking, Network consulting.

Software settings, working with ISP's (Internet Service Providers) or technicalsupport on the clients behalf if needed.


Finding solutions i.e. hardware, software, communications and networking

Brian Sheafer, SV Macintosh Consulting 2013